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Krupskaya – Clouds Over Pripyat (2006)

Origin:United Kingdom
1.Enter The Age Of Paranoia
2.Failure Of The Human Conscience
3.Pyrrhic Victory
4.Send Plagues Upon The Masses
5.The Probable Demise Of Entire Peoples
6.Wake Up Sterile
7.We Dug In Earth with Our Hands
8.The Same Dull Echo
9.Duplessis Orphans
10.All Around The Moral Highground People Are Dying
11.Eurocentric Cycle Of Extermination
12.Mer Blanche Solovetsky
Norilsk Is The World
13.Make them Subhuman And They will Be Victims
15.Cleanse The Infected Souls
Then Burn Their Bodies
16.Clouds Over Pripyat
17.Then burn their bodies
18.Clouds over pripyat
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